POLICE are urging residents in Dumbarton and Vale to be on their guard against housebreakers.

The warning comes after a home in Bonhill's O'Hare estate was targeted on Friday afternoon with thieves making off with a substantial amount electronic equipment.

Just hours later at around 8.20pm were called to a house in Nobleston, which crooks had broken into and stolen a number of items.

Officers are now appealing for any witnesses to contact them and are reminding them to ensure their properties are secure.

Yesterday (Monday) Coleen Wylie, Dumbarton and Vale Community Inspector, told the Reporter that a few simple steps which could dissuade thieves from targeting their homes.

She said: "If you are suspicious of any persons or vehicles around your property, or a neighbours property, contact the police. Ensure all doors and windows are locked and fitted with adequate locks, and activate alarm if available.

"Use a timer to activate lighting within your home when you are out, this gives opportunist thieves the impression someone is at home. Close blinds or curtains when you are away for any length of time and don't leave handbags and mobile phones or any other valuables on display.

"Fit security lights to the exterior of your home which activate and disturb any unauthorised persons approaching the exterior of your home."

Anyone with any information about the recent break-ins is being urged to contact Dumbarton Police Office on 01389 822000 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Residents looking for more crime prevention advice are being encouraged to contact the safer communities department at Dumbarton Police office or alternatively visit the www.strathclydepolice.co.uk for more information.