After weeks of speculation since the area’s hustings, 44 year-old Martin Docherty from Clydebank will stand against current MP Gemma Doyle for her place in Westminster.

Mr Docherty joined the SNP in 1991 and in the same year was elected as Scotland’s youngest ever councillor to the then Clydebank District Council. He has held a number of positions within the party including SNP Clydebank Secretary, SNP Clydebank Chair and SNP Liaison Secretary West Dunbartonshire. He was elected to Glasgow City Council in 2012. He now lives in Whiteinch with his partner John — and their dog Magnus.

Mr Docherty told the Reporter West Dunbartonshire is his ‘political home’ and deserves better. He said: “I’ve worked in West Dunbartonshire most of my adult life. It’s my political home, it’s where my politics were formed, and to which I owe my life experience. It really is an honour and a privilege to be chosen to represent the SNP here.” Martin could have a fight on his hands as he faces off with Gemma Doyle for the seat, which she won with a massive 17,408 majority in 2010.

He said: “We live in a different country now compared to the last election. We are under no illusions of what faces us, 17,000 is a hell of a battle and we’re up for the fight. We need to make sure we have representatives that will not walk through the lobbies and vote for their 11 per cent pay increase, and then vote for more austerity cuts.” Wasting no time, the SNP began their canvassing over the weekend and say they have had a good reaction from the public.

Mr Docherty said: “We’ve seen a very positive reaction, very upbeat. We had 100 activists out over the weekend, from Renton to Linnvale, we have had positive feedback and I’m really looking forward to getting doors knocked. I’m taking nothing for granted. We’re taking the community with us and we’ll be fighting for every vote.

“You don’t win an election online, you win talking to voters, you win an election by making sure those who are considering voting, do vote. We must give the people the appropriate information.

“This country has had enough of MPs abstaining, whether its on fracking or anything else. We have had enough and we need real change. One in four of our children live in poverty, and one of our biggest issues is job creation, and yet again Westminster rejected the Smith Commission for full range of powers to give communities home rule. The SNP will fight the corner for full home rule, which includes job creating powers.”