Cllr Bollan – hailed as ‘a true man of the people’ – will have served the community for almost 30 years when he stands down and is currently the only elected Scottish Socialist councillor in Scotland. The community across West Dunbartonshire and further afield have contacted Cllr Bollan to express their gratitude for his years of service.

Lee Martin said: “So sad to read that you are standing down as a councillor at the next elections. You will be sorely missed Jim. You are one of the hardest working councillors in the area. I can always rely on your help with any local issues. Thanks for everything you have done and will continue to do for us.” Susan O Neill added: “A massive loss to the people of West Dunbartonshire – you’ve done your time and earned your stripes and if anyone deserves some peace and quiet, it’s you Mr Bollan. I’m sure when there are wrongs to be righted, your voice will still be heard, loud and clear.” Cllr Bollan has served as a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and was at one time the Labour group leader on Dumbarton District Council. He was elected as an Independent for Renton and Alexandria South in the 1999 elections, defeating a Labour opponent. He went on to join the Scottish Socialist Party and was re-elected in 2003, defeating his SNP opponent. Cllr Bollan was selected as the number one candidate for the SSP in the West Scotland region for the Scottish Parliament election, 2011, but failed to win the seat.

In the 2012 Scottish local elections he was re-elected comfortably as a councillor, coming second and winning on the first count.

Cllr Bollan told the Reporter: “I am genuinely humbled by the numbers of people showing their support and affection.

“Although an elected councillor I always remained an activist identifying with and getting immersed in local campaigns and struggles which met the needs of local residents and workers. I see the genuine support from local people as a recognition of my Socialist values, rather than personal support.

“I have always tried to be a voice for the disenfranchised and those excluded in our communities.

“There can be no greater honour than being allowed to try and serve the working class for the last 26 years.”