BONHILL Primary School had a cosy school day to raise money for the Beatson Cancer Charity.

Pupils in Primary 7 came up with the idea for the whole school to have a onesie day and donate £1 to Beatson after getting a talk from Reverend Ian Miller.

Primary 7 teacher Allison Ford explained the origin of the idea: "We were doing our RMA project on modern day Christians and we looked at Reverend Ian Miller and what he has done.

"He wrote a book and the money from that was all donated to Beatson and the children were quite inspired by that and wanted to do something to give some money to them."

The class then hosted an assembly to spread the word to the rest of the pupils about the onesie day and about why they were doing it. On the day the school had raised £256 which rose to AMOUNT once all the money had been collected.

Mrs Ford added: "The kids really wanted to do it and so I got in touch with the Beatson and they gave us the banners and balloons and I liaised with Reverend Miller as well. It's great to see the children so involved in it."

Celeste Croome, 11, of Primary 7 added: "We wanted to raise money because the Beatson's a charity for cancer and they're trying to make people better. We had a few ideas for cake sales and football matches but we liked the onesie day the most."