A DUMBARTON woman has appealed to the public to help her find her late father's lost wedding ring.

Joanne Gaughan O'Donnell's mum, Jean Gaughan, has been wearing her dad's wedding band for nearly five years, ever since he passed away. But she lost it on Thursday, Feburary 16.

It is believed the ring is either in Asda, B&M or Morrisons, in Dumbarton.

The item is described as a gold signet ring with a star shape engraving and a small diamond.

Joanne told the Reporter: “We lost our dad nearly five years ago after he passed away in the garden and my mum has worn the ring ever since.

“It has huge sentimental value to us and I can only think it's come off when she's taken off her glove in one of the shops.

“We've been all over the place looking and turned the car inside out.”

Asda have picked up the case and working with their community champion to try and help find the ring.

Can you help? If you have seen Joanne's family ring please call our office on 0141 435 8863.