When we look back on this council term we will see that despite the fact £370,000 of your money is spent annually on this administration's media team the good news that they get out has not always been positive.

Like the architect of Labour's plunge from the lofty idealistic heights that it once inhabited, the legacy of this administration will be like Blair's, one of contempt and controversy.

Ironically much of the opprobrium has been generated in the field of education. The calamities are numerous, from the mindless determination exhibited by timeshare salesmen and Labour councillors alike to build a potentially underwater school on Posties Park, the stupid decision to change the school day, the national reputational damage suffered by the authority as the result of last year's teacher's strike which was largely caused by the failure to engage and listen to the chalk face professionals.

They have become synonymous with the Pontius Pilate syndrome "it wisnae me it wiz a delegated decision".

They fail to recognise that in many instances they are not delegating they are deputising. As they do not appear to understand the difference.

When one delegates, one retains responsibility and part of the responsibility is to monitor what is being done however when one deputises, authority is given "to act on my behalf" and in many instances it seems without let or hindrance.

This was graphically illustrated recently when it came to light that large sums of public money had been authorised in overtime payments to highly salaried officers who by their contract of employment should not have received these sums.

Despite this being a factual account of what had happened "a council spokesperson" was allowed to refute these claims and insist that it did not happen, I was not aware that Kelly Anne Conway or Sean Spicer had been recruited in to our press team to present alternative facts or circular conversations, but £370,000 a year could help to conceal a number of bodies, so maybe a FOI request would turn something up.

They lurch from crisis to, catastrophe and in the process have attracted personnel now gone who had an unfortunate attitude to the role that they were recruited to fulfil.

In the early years of this administration, who could be described as having eyes bigger that their bellies, such is the appetite for grandiose schemes, the "slippage " set a new all time record for this authority when it peaked at over 44 per cent which meant that almost half of their capital projects were late, over budget, or not delivered.

This resulted in them having to set up another "project board", to look at projects, the cost to the taxpayer of this additional board, a mere million pounds.

This board has had mixed fortunes as the slippage sometimes referred to as reprofiling to a vain attempt to disguise the true picture from some of us, has never succeeded in pinning down the reprofiled slippage increasing as I write, some legacy.