A RENTON man has been told his future lies in his own hands after he appeared in court for a review of a community sentence imposed on a charge of assault.

Ryan Grace, 26, of Harrison Place, had been placed on a community payback order after admitting punching a man on the head at the Morrison's supermarket in Dumbarton's Glasgow Road on March 23, 2016, and struggling with police officers at the town's health centre in Station Road on the same day.

His solicitor, Roddy Boag, told a hearing at the town's sheriff court on Thursday that a report on the progress of Grace's CPO was positive.

But Sheriff Maxwell Hendry told Grace that it was up to him to shape his future after the support and supervision provided by the CPO came to an end.

The sheriff told Mr Boag: “His situation is going to change. The issue is how he responds to that change.”

Addressing Grace directly, the sheriff said: “It's good too see there has been no further offending. The $64,000 question is what happens when your situation alters and how you respond to that.

“The only two people who can change this scenario are you and me. You can change it constructively; I can only change it destructively.”

A further review of the CPO was fixed for June 16.