I have been a community activist all of my life serving through involvement in youth clubs, tenants organisations and the trades union movement.

Having been a councillor since 2004, I feel that I am equipped to represent the people of ward three Dumbarton.

There is a general feeling now that local politics should be local, and councillors should represent the wishes of the local population not a party line shrouded in tribalism that often does not "gel" with what is best for locals.

There is also a feeling of disconnection between the recommendations that come from officers and the best interests of the people, two classic examples being the Posties Park fiasco where millions of pounds of public money was wasted and more recently the suggestion that Lidl should be refused planning permission because the "design" was not favoured by our advisors.

I was opposed to both of these recommendations and many others, and was able to bring my point of view to the electorate as I am unfettered by Party Whips or internal politics. Members of our Party are free to vote on local issues.

The formation of the Community party has provided a vehicle where scrutiny and accountability are the watchwords and public interest is the priority along with inclusion and accountability.

We believe that the first duty of Councillors is scrutiny of the way in which services are provided should be the first focus of your elected representatives, we intend to fulfil that role .