THE mother of a girl who was knocked down on Friday lunchtime near Our Lady and St Patrick’s High School has said the 14-year-old is a “very lucky girl” after escaping with minor injuries.

Emergency services were called to the incident on Friday at 1pm at the back of Valeview Terrace – just yards from the new multi-million pound secondary school.

The pupil was taken to hospital for treatment but it’s understood she will make a full recovery after sustaining a few bumps, bruises and stitches.

However, the girl’s mum, who the Reporter is not naming, has said how the incident could have been a lot more serious.

She told the Reporter: “She escaped with stitches a little bruised and confused but in general a very lucky girl.

“Those who know her will know she’s not the type to have disregard for traffic and the dangers of traffic, or to run out over a busy road. She’s a very level headed sensible 14-year-old.”

Pupils relocated to the new £25 million Dumbarton school at the end of last month.

It’s unclear how the incident unfolded, but there have been previous calls from parents and neighbours for a pedestrian crossing to be sited at the spot.

The mother added: “As her parent, my husband and I are fully aware of our parental duties regarding teaching our children road safety and respect for others.

“I too, have seen school kids just wander on to the road before, however not all kids do. My thoughts are very much with the driver who will be feeling awful just now. Luckily for all involved, everyone was ok.”

Following the incident, some members of the public took to social media to call for a crossing.

Nicholas Varley said: “Why is there not a pedestrian crossing? Surely this is common sense as kids would travel across that road. Everyone speeds down to go to Greggs and subway. This will more than likely happen again.”

And one councillor is now calling for a review of road safety in the area.

Dumbarton ward councillor David McBride said: “Firstly, I am very thankful it appears the young pupil has not suffered any major injuries following the accident.

“As soon as I heard on Friday, I contacted senior council officers for an update and was pleased to hear her condition.

“I visited the school last week and was informed the travel arrangements were working well, however I will be calling for a full review of this accident to see what lessons can be learned and if any additional traffic calming or safer pedestrian crossing can be achieved.”

He added: “At this time I am not fully aware of all the facts but I would express my best wishes to the pupil, her family and the driver. In addition the attending ambulance paramedics and staff at OLSP.”

A spokesperson for West Dunbartonshire Council said: “A pupil from Our Lady and Saint Patrick’s High School was involved in minor road traffic accident on Friday at Lomondgate, Dumbarton.

“Following assessment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital the pupil was released and is expected at school later this week.”

Last month, the Reporter told how the doors of Our Lady and St Patrick’s High School in Castlehill closed for the final time.

Pupils and staff moved to the new school in Bellsmyre’s Howatshaws Road after the October break.