A ROYAL Navy medic based at HM Naval Base Clyde has set two new records during a recent powerlifting championship in Glasgow.

Petty Officer Medical Assistant (POMA) Chris Martin is already British Bench Press Champion, and on Saturday, December 2 he made his way to the Physique and Power Gym for the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association’s UK Master Championships.

Competing in the 40-44 age category, Chris’ first press of 227.5kg broke the Scottish record. His second press set a new British bench press record with the Petty Officer achieving 237.5kg, 2.5kg more than the previous record.

Chris said: “I first began lifting weights when I was 14. I wasn’t too tall so wanted to make myself as big as possible.

“By the time I was 19 I got into Olympic style weightlifting and then eventually moved into powerlifting.

“I train three or four times a week and tend to do most of my training at home as no-one wants to go to a public gym and be waiting two hours while I finish my sets!”

Chris also runs occasional teaching sessions at the base’s Sportsdrome, but admits that as a Royal Navy submariner, it can be particularly challenging for him to train while at sea.

“It can be tricky,” he said. “There are usually some weights on board, but as you would expect, only a limited amount, and a limited time to train.

“In 2011 I served in Afghanistan and there was a small outdoor gym where we were based. Someone asked me how much I lift and I answered ‘everything’ – I needed to use every weight in the gym!”

Chris will next compete in the British Championship in March with the aim of progressing to the World Championships in Glasgow next year.