A MAN found drunk on Loch Lomond after a break-up tried to pull away from a boat sent to rescue him and then bit a police officer as he was arrested.

James Roberts, 34, was jailed for five months for a series of offences that started just before midnight on December 10, 2016.

Police were on routine patrol in Luss when they saw lights coming from the Loch just off shore and approached the beach.

They could see lights from two sailing boats, both in motion and apparently circling each other, Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard last week.

There was music coming from one of the boats, the Romar, and police were unable to get the boat’s attention.

After about five minutes the music stopped and they saw Roberts exit the cabin and speak to a man on the other vessel.

Police could tell he was slurring his words and falling over and they finally managed to get his attention and directed him to the pier nearby.

Out of concern for Roberts, police called for the rescue boat to attend and as officers dealt with the other man, Roberts arrived at the pier and began shouting.

Fiscal depute Martina McGuigan said Roberts then started his boat’s engine and began to reverse from the pier.

Police joined the rescue boat, which pulled up alongside Roberts and tied the boats together.

“The accused began talking to police and accepting he would have to return and was aware both [boats] had been tied together,” said Ms McGuigan.

“But on hearing again he was to be arrested, he demanded what right they had to do so. He began heading to shallower water. He ignored instructions and attempted to pull away.”

The court was told Roberts had a disregard for himself and the rescue boat and police officers, so they boarded to take hold of him.

Roberts lunged at the police but they got him back to the pier where he told them, “I have had my moment and I will not do anything else”.

Instead, as police removed the handcuffs to put Roberts into the police vehicle, he quickly moved his head and bit one of the officers on the leg.

The cop required a splint and was put on restricted duties because of his injuries.

Roberts, of Croftend Avenue, Glasgow, previously pleaded guilty to operating the Romar while unfit through drink or drugs, assaulting an officer by biting him on the leg, assaulting a second officer by lunging towards him, causing him to fall, and to being on Loch Lomond without displaying lights, and attempting to pull away from a rescue boat to the danger of crew and passengers.

Defence solicitor Gemma Rathey told the court Roberts’ relationship with the mother of his child had broken down and he had nowhere to stay, deciding to remain on the Romar after fishing that day.

He had moored his boat and had no intention of moving it, and then was unable to do so because part of his anchor had snagged.

Roberts used a knife to cut the boat free so he could get to the pier, but when he saw the other man being arrested, police saw him with the knife and said they would have to arrest him.

Ms Rathey said: “He panicked because he was due to collect his daughter the next day. It’s accepted it was not an offensive weapon.

“He accepts there was a struggle and he was lunging but not in an attempt to push anyone off the boat.

“He is extremely remorseful and embarrassed by the events on the night in question and he has sold his boat as a consequence.”

She added that Roberts was well aware of the danger of operating a vehicle while under the influence but had not planned to move the boat that night.

Ms Rathey said: “He is an experienced sailor and would never put anyone or himself in danger.”

Sheriff Simon Pender jailed Roberts for five months in total and fined him £250, for which he will serve prison time instead.