POLICE are hunting for two teenagers who flooded a four-star hotel kitchen and ran off, causing mayhem.

The Balloch House Hotel, Balloch Road, was forced to shut its kitchen last Thursday evening, after staff saw water running down the walls, blowing the lights in the building and causing staff to close down all the electrics while the water was mopped up and the system checked over.

A police spokesman said following the incident at 6.45pm, CCTV has been seized and is being reviewed.

He added: “Two males aged around 14, were seen running from the toilet area, before running off.

“Investigations found that the toilets had been blocked causing the flood and water to seep down into the kitchen.”

The hotel kitchen remained shut for the remainder of Thursday evening and was opened again on Friday.

It is understood that 10 tables were being served at the time, with service being drawn to a halt and a further seven tables had to be turned away by management costing the hotel an estimated £1,000.

There was no structural damage to the hotel, with just light bulbs having to be replaced. Police inquiries are continuing.

The Balloch House Hotel was built in the early 18th century and it became a hotel in the early 19th century.