Science Week at St Mary’s Primary School was a roaring success as all classes took part in interactive experiments and workshops to open their eyes to the world of science.

During the week there was a focus on STEM subjects, which includes science, technology, engineering and maths.

Generation Science also visited the Alexandria school to bring their unique style of learning to the week.

Primaries 1 – 3 were introduced to the wonderful world of bees in the ‘Little Giants’ workshop, where they met Buzzy the giant honey bee and her bee keeper.

Meanwhile, primaries 4 and 5 learned all about how electricity works and became experts in atoms, particles, electrons, circuits and capacitors.

And primaries 6 and 7 enjoyed an informative workshop called ‘Smart Grid, which focused on electricity, its creation and journey to the home, and the implications for future energy consumption.

Deputy head teacher Joanne McKenna said: “The children were really actively involved and really enthusiastic about all the learning.

“Some of the older children also visited the science centre.

“We incorporate STEM through all our learning but it’s good to have specialised weeks to raise awareness about the importance of these subjects.”