The Rock of Ages is set to return to Dumbarton this summer to bring history to life in a weekend of re-enactments.

The popular event, organised by Historic Environment Scotland, allows visitors to engage with the past, learning from lively historical displays and costumed actors.

And in its fourth year at Dumbarton Castle, this year’s event will mark the monumental centenaries of the end of World War I, and some women finally winning the right to vote.

One new feature includes mock trenches in the castle grounds, providing the opportunity to learn about the lives of the brave soldiers who fought in The Great War.

A spokesperson for Historic Environment Scotland, Rock of Ages organisers, said: “This year, WWI mock trenches will be installed for visitors to experience what life was like for the soldiers of the Western Front, which was fought using trench warfare.

“Standing at about two metres tall, and just wide enough for one person, the series of trench displays will include bomb blast sound effects to simulate the conditions of fighting in the trenches.

“Complete with sandbags and wooden beams – which were used to reinforce the real WWI trenches sometimes dug up to three metres deep – the mock trenches will be covered with wooden boards, sparing visitors the boggy and muddy conditions soldiers lived in.

“The mock trenches are a first for Dumbarton Castle, with a German trench previously included at Historic Environment Scotland’s Amazing Ages event at Fort George in the Highlands in 2017.”

Costumed re-enactors will also recount stories from the frontline for visitors.

The historical extravaganza will also turn the centuries back as far as the Roman age, offering a huge breadth of eras to experience.

“The fourth annual Rock of Ages will celebrate the rich tapestry of centuries of west coast history, with participants portraying the Vikings and Ancient Romans, plus the Medieval and Renaissance periods,” Historic Environment Scotland’s spokesperson explained.

“Other costumed actors at the event will depict the suffragettes as well as Mary Queen of Scots – who sailed to France from Dumbarton Castle as a child in 1548 – and her mother Mary of Guise.”

This year’s event will take place on June 9 and June 10, from 12pm to 4pm