A WOMAN was so scared after her boyfriend sent her abusive and threatening text messages that she changed the locks on their Dumbarton home while he was out at football training – and when he got home he reacted by urinating on her front door.

Jack McCarney and his partner had only been living together at the Crosslet Road flat for five days when the incident happened.

McCarney, 20, appeared for sentencing at the town’s sheriff court on Friday after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to behaving in aggressive manner towards the woman by shouting and swearing at her, following her out of the property, demanding that she return, sending her abusive messages, repeatedly banging on the flat’s front door and uttering threats.

The court heard McCarney and the woman had been in a relationship for two years when the incident happened on September 26 last year.

Fiscal depute Ian Meacock told the court: “While he was out the complainer contacted the council to get the locks changed.

“She sent a message to the accused informing him she was doing this.

“At 8.50pm the accused sent a Facebook message which said “you’re a rat, you fat zombie”. There was another message which said ‘am kicking the door down’.”

McCarney returned half an hour later and repeatedly banged on the door before sending two further messages Police sent McCarney away before returning the next day to take a statement from the woman along with screenshots of the messages.

Sheriff Gerard MacMillan told McCarney: “I am content that this is a matter where you simply made a mistake and will learn from it.”

Sheriff MacMillan granted the Crown’s request for a two-year non-harassment order.