Basketball star Earl Brown of Glasgow Rocks donned a kilt for the very first time in a nod to Tartan Day and the run-up to Glasgow’s Kiltwalk.

The American sportsman, who towers at over six-and-a-half feet tall, joined his team mates to rock their kilts and shoot some hoops following a training session.

And they are encouraging charitable walkers across the region to take part in the mega walk event to raise funds for Scottish Sports Futures (SSF).

This year’s local leg of the national event takes place on April 29.

Participants start the 23-mile Mighty Stride in Glasgow Green, and end in Balloch, raising money for various charities.

For those would prefer a slightly shorter challenge, there’s also a 15-mile Big Stroll and six-mile Wee Wander.

Daniel Bajwoulk, general manager at Glasgow Rocks said: “The Rocks are proud to have the opportunity to be associated with the Kiltwalk especially due to our ever-strengthening partnership with Scottish Sports Futures.

“Hopefully anyone looking to participate in the Kiltwalk considers SSF as their choice. I know first-hand how hard they work and what they have been able to achieve across Scotland since they were established back in 2000.

“To all those making the Kiltwalk trek this year, I wish you all the best and be sure to stay hydrated!”

Emma Reid, development manager at Scottish Sport Futures, added: “For us, the Kiltwalk is a perfect fit.

“It represents the inspiring, challenging and life-changing impact sport and physical activity can have when used and delivered in the right way.”

Last year, more than 14,000 people took part in the Kiltwalk helping to raise over £1.9million and with The Hunter Foundation’s 40 per cent top up, over £2.6 million was raised for 780 charities across Scotland.

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