Research into home internet usage has shown that West Dunbartonshire residents spend on average 2.4 hours a day online at home.

That number sits just under the average daily home usage for a UK resident – 2.1 hours a day – according to the research by price comparison site

Their figures, which do not relate to internet use at work, state that, on average, Brits spend 14.7 hours online at home per week, accounting for a six-fold increase since 2012.

West Dunbartonshire residents’ reported 2.4 hours a day of home internet is less than those in Glasgow City, who clock up 2.9 hours of online time a day according to the numbers.

And they are well short of the West Lothians – who apparently spend an estimated 4.2 hours a day on the internet at home, putting them up there as some of the most “internet-addicted” residents in the UK, claims.