A SHERIFF told an Alexandria teenager he faces six years behind bars for “two months of madness” if he fails to comply with a court order.

Alistair Aikman, 18, of Hudspeth Court, was put on bail at Dumbarton Sheriff Court, on December 18, 2017, which included a curfew that he remains at home each evening from 7pm until 7am.

But he failed to comply with the order when police arrived at his home on January 18, this year, and found him not to be at home.

He appeared at court the following day and was put on another bail order on January 19, again with the same curfew imposed, but when police officers went to his home on February 11, less than a month later, he was again no where to be seen.

Prosecutor Martina McGuigan told Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week: “At 7.45pm officers went to the house after information of a disturbance. They saw Aikman and two others running along the roadway. Officers followed in a vehicle.

“Aikman crouched down behind a wheelie bin then stood up and began shouting and swearing at them. He was warned about his conduct.

“There was a short foot chase and back up officers were called. He fell to the ground as conditions were icy. Police also fell.

“He continued to shout and swear and was apprehended calling the officers “d*** heads and telling them to “f*** off.

“He told police that he only ran away because he was on bail. He attempted to kick one of the officers, who said that Aikman was highly intoxicated.”

Defence lawyer Scott Adair told the court this week: “He has currently been experiencing a period in custody, and he tells me he has not been enjoying it one little bit.

“Given his age it is possible to impose a community based disposal to see if his period in custody has taught him to behave.”

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry said: “You have gone off the rails so far the rails are out of sight.

“I have enough papers in front of me to give you, when it all adds up, six years – and all because of your two months of madness.

“I am going to give you one last chance, and only one chance. If you offend again, or don’t comply with a court order, you will be spending your 21st birthday in prison.”

Aikman was put on a community payback order and supervision for 18 months. He was ordered to undergo alcohol counselling and do 120 hours to community service within six months. He was also electronically tagged for six months to remain at home each day from 7pm until 7am.

The sheriff added: “This is the heaviest package I can put together. Fall short of it and I shall impose the prison sentence I have explained.”

Aikman was ordered to return to court on July 4 for a review. Bail was continued.