A BONHILL man has admitted going on a spending spree after finding a man’s a debit card – with the personal identification number attached.

John Nicholson, 27, of Nobleston, pleaded guilty at Dumbarton Sheriff Court.

The court heard how, between July 21 and 25, 2017, at Dumbarton’s High Street, he found a debit card and PIN. Without attempting to try and find the owner, the court heard, Nicholson stole it.

On July 25 he went to Asda in Dumbarton and at the ATM he stole £350 from the account. He then went into the superstore and used the card to obtain two bottles of soft drinks, £50 cashback, and a games console, totalling £311.

He later returned and, again with the stolen card, attempted to induce a cashier to supply him with goods valued at £314. Minutes later he attempted to use the card to obtain £500 from the ATM.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry deferred sentence on Nicholson until June 26 for his personal appearance.