Dumbarton and Vale residents are to be quizzed on the impact “whisky black” is having on their households and properties.

Martin Docherty-Hughes, MP for West Dunbartonshire, this week launched a survey of local residents examining the impact of whisky black on properties.

It follows concerns raised by residents about property exteriors – including homes, garden furniture and vehicles – being affected by a black fungus material.

The growth of fungus baudoinia compniacensis is believed to be the result of the evaporation of ethanol during the whisky maturation process at local bonds and distilleries.

The SNP MP is responding to a plea from the Dumbarton East and Central Community Council, who raised the matter in March this year and again at their meeting last month.

Mr Docherty-Hughes has now written to hundreds of households across Dumbarton, the Vale and Clydebank in an effort to shed light on the extent of the problem.

Mr Docherty-Hughes told the Reporter: “Reports of black fungus affecting properties close to whisky maturation sites have been evident for many years now.

“It’s not a problem unique to West Dunbartonshire; however, local residents are understandably frustrated by the lack of progress in resolving the issue.

“I hold regular advice surgeries across West Dunbartonshire and one of the most common complaints I hear from constituents is the nuisance caused by ‘whisky black’.

“It affects the exterior of property including homes, garden furniture and vehicles and is notoriously difficult to clean off.

“I’ve been working closely with local residents to develop this survey which I hope will shed some light on the extent of the ‘whisky black’ problem.

“I’d be grateful if households receiving the survey could complete and return it at their earliest opportunity in order to help demonstrate the impact it’s having on our communities.

Households receiving the survey have been asked to complete and return the questionnaire by Friday, June 29.