PEOPLE aged under 24 in West Dunbartonshire are being warned they are more vulnerable to certain types of scam than other age groups.

In the second week of Scams Awareness Month, West Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau and Y Sort It are targeting a message aimed specifically at young people who may not be aware that they are at risk.

Recent Citizens Advice research found 65 per cent of Scots said the most common type of scam was email scams, which disproportionately affect younger people.

CAB manager, Joe McCormack, told the Reporter: “Evidence shows that younger people often think they are less likely to be hit by scams, but in fact this is not the case.

“And if you are unlucky enough to be scammed, report it. Remember a scam is a crime and reporting it to the police or Trading Standards will help stop others falling victim to it.”