People heading to the countryside to enjoy the good weather are being advised to take precautions against irritating cleg bites.

The bugs – also known as horseflies – are reported to be thriving in the warm dry conditions.

Renowned for having a nasty bite, clegs are commonly drawn to horses but are partial to taking a nibble out of humans, sometimes leaving victims with painful sores if they become infected.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland advises people going into the countryside to use insect repellents and cover bare skin with loose summer clothing to avoid being bitten.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Aileen Bryson said it had received reports of more people coming into contact with the flies.

She said: “At the moment, because the weather is so warm, everybody is exposing a lot more skin than as normal in Scotland and clegs will bite legs and arms.”

Horsefly bites can be more painful than midges’, and can result in red, fluid-filled blisters.

In most cases pharmacists can offer advice on treatments, she said.