One year after the public and politicians fought to save Alexandria job centre from the axe, the closure of the branch is now imminent.

After delays, the job centre on Bank Street will finally close its doors by the end of August, with its services being merged with those administered at the Dumbarton branch.

When the UK Department for Work and Pensions announced the closure of the job centre last year, those in the local community fought tooth and nail to save it.

Criticism of the DWP scheme was labelled by campaigners at the time as an “opportunist cost-cutting exercise”.

With full closure around the corner, those who spoke out at the time are expressing their sustained disappointment and anger over the loss of the office.

This will have a hugely detrimental impact on Alexandria and beyond – making it more difficult for vulnerable job-seekers and benefit claimants to access the support they need.

“It’s a short-sighted and reckless move by the Tories, especially considering the full roll-out of the UK’s disastrous Universal Credit policy is just around the corner.”

Leven councillor Jim Bollan added: “The decision by the DWP remains unacceptable and I would urge them to reconsider.

“There was supposed to be talks about how to offset the effect this closure would have on local claimants, but I don’t think anything like that has happened.”

A DWP spokeswoman reiterated that the changes would only improve the services provided to users.

They said: “The changes we are making to our estate across the country will offer a more efficient service, and deliver good value for the taxpayer – saving over £135million a year, for the next 10 years.”