West Dunbartonshire has made significant progress and shown strong performance across several areas according to Scotland’s public spending watchdog.

A representative from Audit Scotland spoke at a council meeting on Wednesday, where the results of the Accounts Commission’s Best Value audit of the local authority were presented to councillors.

Audit director Fiona Mitchell-Knight echoed the comments made in the report which found that effective and improved leadership from councillors and officers had been critical to the progress made.

Ms Mitchell-Knight also highlighted the clear and steady improvement in service performance – particularly in the council’s priority areas of housing and advancing educational attainment.

They were also commended for their future plans which reflect the needs of communities in West Dunbartonshire.

Council leader Councillor Jonathan McColl said: “This is an excellent report for West Dunbartonshire and evidences the significant efforts to transform this council over the past decade. There is now a strong platform in place on which we can build, we are clear on our vision for the future and both elected members and officers will do everything they can to ensure we deliver for every resident in West Dunbartonshire.”

Councillor Martin Rooney, Leader of the opposition added: “This report confirms the significant improvements made by the council since 2007. All councillors are committed to ensuring progress continues.”

The Commission published its findings in June following a significant review of the council conducted over several months in 2017/18. The latest Best Value publication marks a significant turnaround for West Dunbartonshire since audit reports in the mid-2000s.