THE Balloch and Haldane area has had a “quiet summer” in crime terms this year, despite the scorching temperatures, community councillors have heard.

In the period from June 6 to August 6, community councillors heard there were 70 crime reports raised in the Balloch and Haldane area.

Issuing a crime report to Balloch and Haldane Community Council on Wednesday, PC Watson of Police Scotland told members that youth disorder was the main issue taking up officers’ time on the beat.

PC Watson said: “It’s ring leaders with a wee following. It’s kids, so it’s really difficult to deal with.”

However, PC Watson said one particular ‘ring leader’ had now been removed from the area.

When asked whether the area had a problem with young people drinking alcohol, PC Watson added: “Yes, but it’s not unique to the area. Drink and youths don’t mix.”