A SINGER and songwriter from Balloch self-directed her new music video that made its world premiere with the online US entertainment magazine, Cliche Mag, last week.

Rachelle Rhienne’s video for her single “Contigo” featured four dancers from Clydebank who got to show off their moves to the 23-year-old’s choreography.

Rachelle advertised on social media for hip-hop dancers, leading best friends Kanesly Tait, Kara Sutcliffe, Lola Wilson and Anna Donachy, who all attend the Dance OFF Academy, to get in touch.

Rachelle told the Reporter: “The girls were absolutely perfect for the job – I couldn’t have asked for more professional, talented and friendly dancers. I really enjoyed working with them and they are a credit to Lesley’s [Dance OFF] school and the Clydebank community.”

The video was filmed in locations around Loch Lomond including the Carman Hill, Carman fisheries, Cruin Pier, Rossdhu House Gates, Balloch Park, Carrick Golf course and the old St Peter’s Seminary.

Rachelle said: “With the dancers, I wanted a lot of locations that stood out and had great backdrops that were dramatic and atmospheric. The plan was to film as many locations as possible to fit with the concept of the song’s story of travelling around the world.”

She went on: “My favourite thing about projects like this is when everything comes together as you imagined it from the start.

“We have had a lot of great feedback so far and we couldn’t be happier. I would love to stay in touch with girls and Lesley for future projects and performances.”

Rachelle and the girls spent a day shooting and Lola and Anna described it as a great opportunity for them. They had to pick the moves up quickly as they had little time to practice.

Sixteen year old Kanesly, who has attended Dance OFF for 13 years, said: “I had so much fun during the filming of the music video and being able to work alongside my best friends and a professional like Rachelle just topped off my whole experience.”

Kara, 16, said: “I really enjoyed being in the video, it was great fun and such a good experience. I would love to be able to do something like this again.”

Contigo, the sequel to the summer hit of 2017, When The Sun Goes Down, was released on September 28 on Bright Star Records. For more information visit rachellerhiennemusic.com.