WEST Dunbartonshire Council are being urged by a local MSP to improve their performance in collecting waste as residents across the area are becomingly increasingly frustrated.

MSP Maurice Golden has spoken out after a Freedom of Information Request revealed that there were 122 complaints for every 1,000 households in the region of 2016/17.

It comes as a significant increase from the 88 in 2013/14.

This follows news that recycling rates have fallen in West Dunbartonshire, with only 47.6 per cent of waste recycled in 2017, down from 48.5 per cent in 2016.

Mr Golden said: “It is concerning to see such an increase in complaints about bin collections.

“This is the sort of basic, everyday service that the SNP administration need to ensure that they are delivering to a high standard for residents.

“Instead, coupled with below average recycling rates, we appear to have a council which is not tackling this issue seriously enough, inevitably leading to complaints from people who are affected.

“Waste collection is one the most important services residents pay for through their council tax – the SNP administration must take action, resolve the complaints and improve the service.”

Councillor Jonathan McColl added: "During the first ever West Dunbartonshire SNP Administration of 2007-2012, the SNP ensured that West Dunbartonshire led the way in Scotland for recycling, and we continue to take our responsibilities and commitments in this area seriously.

"This is the first I am hearing of Mr Golden’s concern in this regard, indeed his Conservative colleagues on the council have not raised this issue with either myself or the convener, nor have they spoken about it at the numerous committee and council meetings where performance figures are scrutinised and actions taken to rectify issues of concern.

"I do not lead the Council based on Tory press releases, but if this is an issue that genuinely concerns Mr Golden, he is welcome to write to me; I would particularly welcome his support in calling for an end to Tory Austerity and cuts to the Scottish budget from Westminster so that we can continue to provide our area with the services our communities need.”