A PLAN to help the homeless and rough sleepers will take a stride forward this Wednesday when a report is tabled before a council committee.

West Dunbartonshire Council’s housing committee, chaired by Councillor Diane Docherty, is expected to recognise the work of a partnership that is aiming to develop a ‘rapid re-housing transition plan’.

Councillors are also expected to ask that the draft plan be sumbitted to the Scottish Government by the end of this year and to call for a further report by February 2019 to seek full approval of the plan.

A report to this week’s committee states: “Rapid re-housing is about taking a housing led approach for re-housing people that have experienced homelessness and making sure they reach a settled housing solution as quickly as possible rather than being forced to stay in unsuitable temporary accommodation for longer than is necessary.

WDC’s strategic lead for housing and employability, Peter Barry, is expected to tell councillors: “The key principles associated with rapid re-housing align with our wider approach to homelessness in West Dunbartonshire outlined in our homelessness and temporary accommodation strategy.

“’More than a Roof’ and the ongoing service redesign of homelessness and homeless prevention services will introduce a new supported accommodation service.

“Whilst WDC is therefore starting from a position of some progress, developing a complete plan will be challenging and require concentrated resource.”