CHILD protection investigation cases in West Dunbartonshire have improved in 2018, but are still below their target.

The figures come from a report published this week by West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP), and announced at the partnership’s monthly meeting at the new council offices in Dumbarton by Wendy Jack, interim head of strategy, planning and health improvement.

Figures showed that there are 53 children on the child protection register. There were 83 referrals, 68 investigations and 38 case conferences held within 21 days.

Mrs Jack said in the report: “Performance against the 21-day target has improved from 86 per cent in March 2018 to 90.5 per cent in June 2018 although we are still below the 95 per cent target.

“Of the four case conferences which were held out with the timescale, two were one day late.

“The local HSCP-led and multi-agency child protection committee continues to monitor activity and registrations and the variance over the course of the year.”

The report also reveals that there were 121 referrals to the Scottish Children’s Reporter on offence grounds.

Mrs Jack added: “All adult support and protection clients have a current risk assessment and care plan.”