Staff at Castle View Care Home in Dumbarton are celebrating after receiving a ‘very good’ rating from the Care Inspectorate in the two areas inspected.

The HC-One home on Castlegreen Street was assessed on ‘how well do we support people’s wellbeing?’ and ‘how well is care and support planned?’, receiving a rating of five on a scale where one means satisfactory and six is excellent.

In the first category, inspectors found that “residents receiving care and support were treated with compassion by the staff”, “interactions with residents were of a quality and pace which respected their preferences” and “residents were encouraged to get the most out of life”.

While in the second category, the report noted that “the care plans we viewed contained information on how to provide individualised care for residents. This helped ensure residents were seen as individuals”, “staff worked hard to maintain the content of care plans”, “whilst there was evidence of duplication overall the plans supported meaningful outcomes for people” and “staff used care plans to support effective care delivery. The care and support planned met residents assessed needs”.

HC-One Castle View’s Home Manager, Margaret Wilson said: “I am absolutely delighted with the outcome of this report and am so proud of my team at Castle View; the report is a credit to the kind and compassionate care that the team continue to carry out.”

The home were not assessed on how good their leadership, staffing and setting are as part of the unannounced inspection, which took place on August 10.

The Care Inspectorate spoke to people who used the service, including family members. Their feedback was described as “generally positive” and included comments such as “the home has vastly improved”.