West Dunbartonshire Council has been slammed for failing to grit roads and pavements throughout the area today (Tuesday, December 4).

Complaints flooded in on the council’s Facebook page this morning from dozens of people who claimed they had witnessed car crashes and slipped and fallen on un-gritted pavements.

Residents in Bonhill said the area was badly affected with children and older people sliding and falling on the icy pavements, while pupils at Balloch Primary were allegedly being dropped off on the main road at Jamestown because the car park and drop off area had been closed due to the ice.

There were also claims that Bellsmyre Campus was ‘like an ice rink’, Bellsmyre Nursery was slippery, the high school car park was covered in ice, a young boy fell outside St Peter’s Primary and hurt his back and an old woman fell in Brucehill along with many schoolchildren on their walk to school in the morning.

Complaints were also made about Haldane, with concerns expressed about the elderly residents in Haldane would be able to go out.

Here are some of the comments on West Dunbartonshire Council’s Facebook page.

Rachel Boag said: “Who is responsible for gritting school car parks and access paths?

“Bellsmyre campus was like an ice rink this morning and high school car park was extremely dangerous to drive and walk around and it didn't help to access gate to the primary school was locked this morning!

“But I would like to say the roads getting to and from school were clear.”

Kate Gallacher Healey said: “Pavements are treacherous, children falling going to school.”

Karen Randall said: “Why are roads and pavements not gritted? Very dangerous - two cars have crashed into each other outside a school. Come on this is ridiculous conditions for our children to be walking to school in.”

Nnicole Jjoyce said: “Typical council not gritting pavements fell right down this morning at my flat, luckily no serious injuries just a painful back and arm!”

Nic An said: “The whole of old Bonhill was terrible this morning, kids and older people sliding and falling then the children at Balloch Primary had to be dropped off on the busy main road at Jamestown because the head teacher had no choice but to close the car park and drop off area due to cars sliding into one another!

“There was a weather warning put in place so why hasn't the gritters been out?”

Sharon Kenney said: “Disgrace! My boy fell hurting his back this morning outside St. Peter’s primary in Bellsmyre.

“I thought the council would have been better prepared given the weather forecast especially around schools.”

Michelle Anderson said: “I’m sure everyone will be complaining but that was ridiculous this morning trying to get to Bellsmyre nursery with a three-year-old falling everywhere terrified and me trying to carry a four month baby in a car seat. Thankfully there were so many lovely parents who helped us!”

John-Paul Johnstone said: “Need to get the pavements and road sorted in Brucehill, a wee old woman fell about 20 minutes ago and my kids fell on way to school this morning.”

Emma Mackinnon said: “Roads are absolutely terrible, seen three crashes already on the way to school, one being outside the school, paths are horrendous also.”

Lrrn Bton said: “Weans skating to school falling all over the place. Don't know how the elderly around Haldane will be getting out today. It's an utter disgrace.”

In November, the council said it would be making 4,100 tonnes of rock salt available as temperatures dropped, while the road team’s nine gritters would be on standby to make highways and pathways passable in freezing conditions.

West Dunbartonshire Council said: "We had staff out gritting roads and pavements in West Dunbartonshire from 3.30pm on Monday afternoon (December 3) and then re-treated them from 5am on Tuesday (December 4). 

“Our priority is to treat the busiest roads in our area first and when this is complete we treat secondary roads as well as the entrances to schools, clinics and other public buildings. 

"Pavements and footpaths continue to be treated during working hours. 
“During the coming months we would encourage residents who are able to make use of the grit bins which are stocked and available for residents to grit their own areas and that of elderly or infirm neighbours.”