West Dunbartonshire's MP has spoken in parliament against Theresa May's proposed EU withdrawal agreement and pledged to support a second referendum on Brexit.

SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes said the UK is in a constitutional crisis as a result of Brexit, and highlighted that Scotland and West Dunbartonshire faced being dragged out of the EU against its democratic wishes.

The MP was speaking at the start of five day debate on the draft Brexit deal brought forward by the UK government, which will be voted on by MPs on Tuesday December 11.

The debate in the House of Commons took place as the UK government was forced to publish its Brexit legal advice after a vote by MPs found Ministers to be in contempt of parliament.

Mr Docherty-Hughes said: "These are historic times in the House of Commons, and future generations will judge us on the decisions we make in the coming days.

“I will not support a Brexit deal that puts jobs at risk and threatens the living standards of my constituents.

"West Dunbartonshire and the rest of Scotland voted clearly to remain, yet we face being dragged out of the EU against our will by a Tory UK government that we didn’t vote for.

“We were promised strong and stable, but what we are getting is a government in crisis that has been found to be in contempt of parliament after being defeated on three consecutive vote - the first Government to do so in 40 years."

The MP said that from speaking with constituents at surgeries and on the doorsteps, the overwhelming message was that people felt let down by a UK government that is treating Scotland with utter contempt.

He added: “I will vote in parliament to oppose the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal and if a motion on a ‘people’s vote’ is brought forward I will fully support it and campaign for West Dunbartonshire and Scotland to remain in the EU.”