Levengrove Park’s community engagement ranger is on the hunt for three volunteers with an interest in art or birdwatching to give two hours of their time per week to assist with a range of classes.

The new workshops, which are set to begin in early 2019, include art for adults, art for children and families, and various bird watching activities.

Two of the volunteers would be required during daytime hours, while the third is needed for an evening class.

Volunteering for the art workshops will involve working with adults and children, teaching art techniques, helping participants with the correct use of art materials and organising activities for the class.

The birdwatching activities, meanwhile, will involve setting up surveys which will include identification of different types of bird species within the park, through sight and sound and recording information found.

As part of the role volunteers will be required to work alongside the community engagement ranger with different members of the community, school groups, youth groups and to carry out nature activities at community events and fun days in the park.

Councillor Iain McLaren, West Dunbartonshire Council's convener of infrastructure, regeneration and economic development said: “We are very proud of our parks and always looking at ways that we can improve the services on offer.

“If you have a passion for art or birdwatching, please get in touch.”

If you are interested in any of the volunteering opportunities available, contact the council’s community engagement ranger, Sandra Anton, on 01389 772090 or by messaging Sandra.anton@west-dunbarton.gov.uk.

For more information about volunteering in West Dunbartonshire visit wdcvs.com/volunteer/