Primary school children in Dumbarton and the Vale have the chance to show off their imagination by creating animated characters for a soon to be launched TV show.

Night Zookeeper is already known to school children aged seven and above as a digital platform that encourages literacy and writing.

An Animated series of the same name, Night Zookeeper, which was commissioned last year, is now looking for kids to potentially contribute to the creation of the show by completing art and creative writing challenges on a new website.

Josh Davidson, created of Night Zookeeper, said: “From day one, Night Zookeeper has focused on nurturing children’s literacy and writing skills and its evolution which will now see it become an animated TV show, takes this experience even further.

“To make this a truly open and collaborative opportunity, we wanted to enable children across the UK to take part regardless of whether their school already uses Night Zookeeper. Importantly, this website will allow them to work outside of the classroom and become part of an awesome animation team from their own homes.”

To get involved register at, create a username and then log in to start the challenges.

The first episode will launch on demand on all Sky platforms this spring.