WEST Dunbartonshire's MP says he would welcome another general election and referendum on Brexit.

But Martin Docherty-Hughes warned Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's calls this week for a fresh vote would not fix the Brexit mess.

With just 77 days until the UK leaves the EU, the MP said another referendum was needed.

Mr Corbyn on Thursday said a Labour government could delay Brexit and get a better deal with Brussels to ensure the UK stays in a customs union and a close relationship with the signle market.

He said in a speach that the real divide between Leave and Remain voters was in fact between the "many" and the "few".

Mr Corbyn said: "The real solution is to transform Britain to work in the interests of the vast majority, by challenging the entrenched power of a privileged elite.

"That is how we can help to heal the referendum's deep divisions."

But Mr Docherty-Hughes hit out at Labour's lack of a position.

He said: "It is clear that the British Labour Party is deeply divided on Brexit with no plan A never mind a plan B. Many of its MPs are calling for a stop to Brexit whilst Jeremy Corbyn lives in a fantasy land of gaining a sensible Brexit.

"Whatever way you look at it, there is no such thing as a good Brexit for the communities across West Dunbartonshire and Scotland.

"I would welcome a general election which would endorse the SNP’s position on this situation but British Labour and Jeremy Corbyn are delusional if they think the EU is going to give a new government a better deal.

"The SNP has been consistent in our demand for single market and customs union access if not the material change to our constitutional position becomes profoundly damaging to our economy and society.

"If Jeremy Corbyn is intent on protecting jobs and living standards, then he must work with the SNP in bringing this Brexit deadlock to an end and support a second EU referendum."