New rules on the type of waste that can be sent to landfill will see West Dunbartonshire's disposal services join forces with two other authorities.

Two years from now, Scottish Government regulations will ban the practice of sending biodegradable waste to landfill.

In anticipation, West Dunbartonshire officers will advertise a £141 million contract for processing and disposal of household waste which will serve the area, as well as Argyll and Bute and Inverclyde.

The collaborative contract – which will be led by West Dunbartonshire - will last 10 years, with the option for a five year extension.

It is intended that the partnership, as well as length of contract, will provide security of service and attract investment from waste services in and around West Dunbartonshire.

The new regulations will start on April, 2021.

Councillor Iain McLaren, convener of infrastructure, regeneration and economic development, said: “The current capacity to treat waste and divert from landfill within Scotland is limited and so an early solution for our future waste disposal arrangements is very welcome.

“We want to ensure that our services are not disrupted when this change comes into force, and I hope that the length of the contract agreed shows our commitment to a long-term solution which reassures our residents.”

Councillor Marie McNair, vice convener, added: “The new rules will be a significant change for the way we dispose of waste and I’m happy to see officers have been working on a solution for this already.

“Working in partnership with our neighbouring authorities will allow us to pool resources, leading to service improvements.

“The combined requirements of the three authorities should also make this contract a very attractive one and gives the potential for inward investment in this area.”

Though the authorities will collaborate to procure a suitable contractor, separate contracts will be put in place with each authority.

The contract will have an overall value in the region of £141million, with West Dunbartonshire Council disposing of around 40,000 tonnes of household waste per year.