Children had a ball at the Phoenix Centre's Family Fun Hour recently.

At the heart of The Phoenix is a desire to listen to the community of Dumbarton West and reflect the groups and activities that make a difference to local people.

A few parents had enquired about starting something new, aimed specifically at children in the younger stages of primary school.

Out of these conversations "Family Fun Hour" was born - a weekly group, which runs every Thursday during term-time from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

It is designed to be an opportunity for kids and their parents to have positive family time by enjoying a range of activities.

The activities change week-to-week but include playing board games, the Xbox, Lego, K'Nex, table tennis, badminton, team games and doing art and crafts.

The community cafe is also open during the group offering quality food at affordable prices.

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The Phoenix is run by Rock Community Church and Oli Higham, the church's pastor told the Reporter: "We recognise how important, especially in those formative early years, positive parent child interactions are.

"We want Family Fun Hour, alongside everything else we do at The Phoenix, to celebrate the amazing job local parents do in raising their kids.

"We also know how expensive it can be to find activities to do as a family, so at only £2 a child it's not going to break the bank for anyone.

"It's just a moment during the week to have some fun with your child and put a smile on their face."