People in Dumbarton and the Vale planning to jet off to the sun are being given advice on how to avoid holiday health nightmares.

A company which specialises in travel insurance says people with pre-existing medical conditions should ensure they have adequate cover, especially with uncertainty around Brexit.

It points out that the cost of private medical treatment in Spain is greater than anywhere else in Europe and, in America, a night's stay in hospital could cost $10,000.

AllClear Travel Insurance says holidaymakers should not rely on The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

It added: " The EHIC should not be considered an alternative to travel insurance because it only provides access to the state healthcare available in any given country - this may be a considerably lower standard than what you are used to with the NHS - and it does not cover repatriation.

"Repatriation, especially when a doctor or nurse is required as an escort, can easily cost thousands of pounds, even when travelling in Europe."

"Research before you go – the cost and what you are covered for will vary considerably by destination."

The company said various specialist sites are available to help you compare prices, including the AllClear Travel comparison site which compares up to 56 prices to meet a wide range of budget and cover options, with every policy specifically designed to cover travellers with medical conditions, their travelling companions, families and carers.

"It’s essential your insurer understands your medical situation in order to provide comprehensive cover.

"Failing to declare all conditions may cost you more in the long run if you need to make a claim and it is rejected or only partially paid. If in doubt, spell it out!"

Chris Rolland, AllClear CEO, says finding travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions can be daunting.

“We work with numerous heart, cancer, stroke, kidney and disability charities and understand there is considerable confusion about what to do when mainstream insurers will not provide cover, or people feel they have been priced out the market.

“We know that no one is uninsurable, and passionately believe everyone has the right to travel.

"It is our duty as an industry to provide travellers with pre-existing medical conditions with advice and the necessary support.”