Holyrood came to Bonhill Primary School this week when youngsters got their own special briefing on how the corridors of power work in Edinburgh.

Almost 70 primary six and seven pupils were given fun sessions on a range of topics as part of a Scottish Parliament Outreach event.

Led by Mairead McKechnie, the parliament's outreach officer, the children were given an insight into the type of issues MSPs tackle every day.

Primary seven teacher Linsey Mowatt told the Reporter: "Mairead made it very interesting and the children really enjoyed the event.

"She explained all about reserved and devolved matters and the difference between first past the post ballots and proportional representation."

"They answered multiple choice questions and they had use of inter-active voting consoles."

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A key part of the session was to let the youngsters organise their own classroom ballot.

Linsey said: "The children were formed into groups and they had to come up with a name for their parties, but not use the names of already existing parties.

"Each group appointed a leader, wrote a manifesto and issued ballot papers - there were even rosettes to add to the authenticity.

"It was also stressed to the children the importance of not spoiling their ballot papers.

"It was great fun and everyone found it interesting and enjoyable."

Linsey added that while the parliament outreach event was specifically for primaries six and seven, the whole school is currently studying Scotland as a subject for "interdisciplinary learning."