A six-year-old boy from Balloch is one of the stars in an upbeat video released today to raise awareness about Down's syndrome.

Ruairidh Davidson is one of 50 people, from from babies and children to adults with the syndrome, shown enjoying life through sport, dancing or singing.

The video, set to the Queen song Don’t Stop Me Now, has been released ahead of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21 to highlight the ways in which people with Down’s syndrome of all ages enjoy life.

Ruairidh's mum Kirsty said: “We were trying to get the message across that people with Down's Syndrome are not any different.

"We’re just trying to break down those barriers and negative perceptions.”

Maths teacher Kirsty and husband Andrew, a quality manager, also have another son Struan, four.

They found out Ruairidh had Down’s syndrome around 10 minutes after he was born.

Kirsty has a friend with Down’s syndrome so she wasn’t scared – but was worried he could potentially face health problems, although that hasn’t been the case.

She said: “I’m hoping this makes a difference and shows people it’s nothing to be scared of.”

"Ruairidh is just like any other six year old and we are very proud of him.

"He loves football, horse riding at Riding for the Disabled in Helensburgh, and watching videos on his iPad.

"He goes to Kilpatrick Primary School in Clydebank and he loves it."

Mairi Watkins, the creator and project leader of the “Don't Stop Me Now” concept, said: "With the parental relationship being the focus of previous projects, I felt that it was time to build on this message by putting individuals with Down Syndrome front and centre.

"'Don't Stop Me Now' lets their fulfilling lives do the talking.

"It holds up a mirror to society and dares the viewer to challenge everything they thought they knew about Down Syndrome, and to think again."