A Pokémon enthusiast from Bellsmyre has appeared on BBC Scotland’s new TV channel to tell of her love for the game.

Mary Burch and fellow enthusiasts appeared on the documentary “Inside Central Station” which takes viewers behind the scenes at the Glasgow rail terminal.

The station is a key location where Pokémon Go players go to participate in the augmented mobile reality game which is loved by millions worldwide.

Mary told the Reporter: “Some us were in the station with our mobiles on a day when they were filming last August.

“They asked if they could film us and we said ‘yes, go ahead’.

“When the show went out I started receiving texts saying, ‘We saw you on TV. It was amazing’.”

The game centres on fictional characters known as Pokémon which humans (Pokémon Trainers) catch and train.

Central station has two Pokémon “gyms” - under the famous clock and at platforms 16/17.

Players go to gyms to train their Pokémon and sharpen their battling skills.

Mum-of-two Mary said: “I was amazed by all the varied people around the world who play Pokémon. They are from all age groups and backgrounds.

“The idea is to get people out walking.

“In Dumbarton, the Burgh Hall, sheriff court, the war memorial and various other places, are ‘Pokeystops’.

“You are surrounded by people pressing their mobile phones playing Pokémon. It’s a social thing.”

Mary, who trained as a counsellor after leaving the civil service, was awarded the BEM in the 2016 New Year’s Honours List for her dedication to communities in Dumbarton and the Vale.

She played a prominent role in saving the Skylark IX, the ship that was raised from a watery grave at the bottom of the River Leven, and is secretary/trustee of the Skylark Trust.