Visitors to the RSPB's Loch Lomond reserve near Gartocharn over the weekend enjoyed a walk on the wild side for a special 'mammal tracking' event with a leading ecologist.

The first half of the event - hosted by wildlife expert Dan Brown - focused on some of the new trails around the reserve, with the group on the day finding an old wren's nest and wood mouse holes at the side of the paths.

The group then proceeded to go 'off path' and into the wider areas for the second half of the day, battling through the long grass on wet and boggy conditions.

The tracking event helps to discover the telltale signs of animals living in our midst every day, including the presence of flattened grass potentially highlighting a deer or fox track, and also the use of camera traps to monitor mammals to see what's around when we're not.

Dan gave the group some tips on how to get the most of the motion sensor cameras and the best places to leave them set-up in order to achieve the best results.

Residential volunteer Barbara Wolff took part in the event and said:“It was a very atmospheric wild adventure. When you get off the path and into the wilder areas, it really is like exploring in the jungle. I’ll look at things in a whole new way now”.