A BONHILL man was sentenced to six months in prison for three offences committed between May 2016 and July of this year.

Dylan Tweedie, 24, appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday, having previously pleaded guilty to three offences.

The first, occurred on May 9, 2016 in Main Street, Bonhill, when Tweedie and his partner shouted, swore, acted in an aggressive manner, uttered threats of violence and engaged in a fight.

Tweedie, of Ladyton Estate also pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by repeatedly shouting, swearing and behaving in an aggressive manner on February 19 on a journey from Main Street to Clydebank Police Station in a police car.

Tweedie also resisted, obstructed or hindered police from doing their duties by tensing his arms and pulling away.

Tweedie also broke a curfew previously set by the court, to remain within an address at Main Street from 7pm to 7am, when he culpably and recklessly set fire to a bin in O'Hare, Bonhill causing an estimated £150 worth of damage at around 2.20am on July 29.

Tweedie's defence solicitor Scott Adair, said: "The relationship has now ended but they do have regular contact with each other regarding their child.

"The community payback order has g=given him a level of structure he has benefitted from . The curfew has been in place since February 20 and he has dealt with it except once and complied with it.

"He is clearly a person who needs structure. The matters are serious and I know that. He understands that with his record there may be no community pay back options and he could go to prison."

Sheriff John Hamilton said that Tweedie had "reached the end of the line" and sentenced him to six months in prison.