By Tara Fitzpatrick

ANGER is rising over parents' dangerous parking outside Bonhill Primary School due to increasingly dangerous conditions.

Parents and guardians are being asked to reconsider where they park their cars when dropping off and collecting children from Bonhill Primary following a close call with an HGV outside the school gates.

Laura Douglas, who walks with her primary four daughter to and from school in Bonhill said she is beginning to fear for her child's safety.

She said: "The ridiculous thing is that it's the parents who are putting the children at risk. This is an ongoing problem which is getting worse and worse.

"There are three big junctions in the direction we walk home and cars are parking in such dangerous spots that the kids cannot see what is coming when they step onto the road."

Ms Douglas told the Reporter of incidents involving delivery lorries carrying goods down Dillichip Loan to warehouses which have been unable to get past due to parents parking on corners and blocking the roads.

Ms Douglas contacted West Dunbartonshire Council about the issue after an incident on Tuesday, September 5 when a large HGV lorry was unable to pass through the road due to double parked cars. The truck was forced to reverse onto a pavement as children were leaving school causing dangerous disruption and confusion.

Another angry parent told the Reporter: "I think the problem is that parents who never walk their kids to school do not understand what it is like for those of us who do.

"People don't want to give way to one another and everyone wants to get as close to the gate as possible.

"I park a five minute walk away and that means we also get a bit of a walk while also keeping the car away from the chaos."

A West Dunbartonshire Council spokesman said: "Illegal parking is a police matter and we would urge residents to report it to Police Scotland.

"Staff at the school and the Council’s road safety team have taken a proactive approach to remind parents and carers to park considerately and safely when attending the school.

"This has included issuing letters, texts, social media messages and leaflets designed by the children urging people to consider them when parking near the school.

"In addition, traffic calming measures are in place on roads around the school and a crossing patroller is on duty daily. We also encourage walking and cycling and have a comprehensive School Travel Plan in place."