COUNCILLORS have voted to reject a controversial bid for a snack van in the Vale of Leven Industrial Estate - despite being warned there was no "valid grounds" to do so.

Councillor Ian Dickson went against advice of council leader Jonathan McColl to reject the application for the van to be situated off Levenside Road over concerns of illegal parking warnings and it being located just 50m from a sharp bend.

During Wednesday's meeting of West Dunbartonshire Council's licensing committee, the roads department informed councillors it was awaiting a weather window to implement double yellow lines on both sides of the road but otherwise had no objections to the business.

Yet Cllr Dickson agreed with opponent's fears of potential accidents which could occur if van drivers chose not to adhere to yellow line restrictions, which was seconded by Cllr Brian Walker who expressed his concern over who was going to enforce the parking ban once in place.

Cllr John Mooney also voted against the application but was told he was unable to reject it solely on the grounds it would "lower the tone" of the estate, which the estate's cafe owner and objector, Ms Simpson, suggested could occur resulting in new business being discouraged from the site.

Initial concerns were raised at a meeting last month, which heard Ms Simpson fear both her employees would lose their jobs "in a matter of months" if the van were to begin trading.

While other business owners told councillors they feared the site would fail to attract new interest and would see an increase in litter levels should the application be approved.

Speaking after the meeting, Duncan Wretheman, the Renton businessman behind the application, told of his disbelief the plans were rejected.

He said: "I was totally gobsmacked, there was no reason for that whatsoever.

"They were told by Jonathan McColl they would lose the appeal, so what's the point of wasting tax payers money?"

Mr Wrethman told last week's meeting he planned to use the van, which would see the van operate between 7am and 3pm Monday to Friday and until 1pm on Saturday, to offer more choice for those who frequent the retail park.

He said: "I've spoke to quite a lot of people down the estate and they want more choice.

"They've only got on place or they go out [the estate]. They want choice and that's what I'm trying to give them and I want to make a living for myself and my family."

Following a lengthy instruction from the council's legal officer on what merits grounds for refusal, Cllr McColl and Cllr Marie McNair agreed to grant the motion.

Cllr McColl said: "I'm not convinced that there are valid grounds for refusal, we don't have an objection from roads [department].

"They are quite clear it's suitable and there are no issues, therefore, I feel we put ourselves at risk of losing an appeal because we don't have robust enough grounds."

Cllr McNair's motion was defeated by four votes to two but Mr Wrethman vowed to appeal the decision.