DRACULA, Freddy Kruger and The Hulk were let loose on the good folk of West Dunbartonshire last week - but it was child's play for those who dressed up.

Hundreds of children from all over the region got spooky when they donned their Hallowe'en costumes and went out either Guising or for a 'Trick or Treat.'

Costumes ranged from the downright scary to the hilarious- with one girl even dressing up as Isa from Still Game!

And some of the parents or guardians even got in on the act, donning some crazy costumes themselves, as they accompanied their children.

Throughout West Dunbartonshire primary schools allowed their pupils to attend in costume and a great time was had at the various discos that were staged too.

This week we're featuring a small snippet of the many pictures taken by parents and other family members of the Hallowe'en celebrations- just don't have nightmares!