ONE of the country’s leading experts on the Scottish economy impressed guests with his knowledge at a recent business breakfast event.

Organised by Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce, Stephen Boyle, head of group economics at RBS, shared his knowledge with around 40 businesspeople at the event in West College Scotland, Clydebank.

The presentation highlighted recent positive economic growth and high employment and signs of exports picking up as a result of the low value of sterling whilst the low value of the pound and small increases in interest rates moving into 2018 meant there was likely to be a squeeze on consumer spending power.

Whilst the details of Brexit deal are still unclear, longer term opportunities were highlighted to focus on productivity through investment in people, technology and infrastructure with the potential to unlock additional GDP of around £14,000 per head of population.

Damon Scott, chief executive, Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Feedback from the event has been very good. Stephen is an excellent speaker and really engaged with those lucky enough to get a ticket for this sold out event.

“It is important for businesses to have access to expertise like Stephen’s to help in the decision making process and to plan for the future.

“There is still plenty of uncertainty around Brexit, however the message is clear that businesses more than ever need to innovate and develop to ensure they remain competitive.

“We are already in discussions with a view to inviting Stephen back once more is known about the Brexit deal and likely implications to Scottish business.”

The event was part of the Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce events programme and has been put together in partnership with RBS and West College Scotland.

For more event information or to find out more about Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce email or phone (0)141 280 0272.