Today, the Conservative Party confirmed that they want to pursue a hard and destructive Brexit: out of the Single Market and Customs Union, prepared to leave the EU with no deal at all.

They have dropped their pretence that they can deliver the “exact same benefits” outside the Single Market. The truth is, we will be poorer as a result of the decisions the Prime Minister has taken.

We won’t be stronger or more stable, but weaker and more insecure. And we will move backwards, alone, not forward, together.

We know that it is likely the Prime Minister will still be the Prime Minister on June 9th. The choice at this election is whether to write her a blank cheque for this dangerous path, or to support those who will fight hard Brexit and provide opposition and accountability.

Alex Clifford,

Head of Digital

Open Britain

I am a pensioner who has worked hard all my life. I now find that the State Pension that I paid into all my working life is under threat by the Tories.

One of the great achievements of the coalition government was the Liberal Democrat policy of a triple lock on OAP Pensions. That means it will increase annually by whichever is the higher, earnings, prices or a rate of 2.5%. This policy has lifted many hundred of thousands of pensioners out of abject poverty wondering whether to eat or heat a room.

Now Theresa May will not give any guarantee of keeping this policy. However, the Lib Dems have clearly stated they are committed to continuing the triple lock on pensions. This translates into the state pension being worth at least an extra £772 a year by the next General Election.

It’s a no-brainer, vote for Lib Dem candidate Rebecca Plenderleith for a more secure financial future.

Ursula Craig,


Dear Editor,

Words cannot express how delighted I am that Rebecca Plenderleith is standing to become our MP. I can assure you that she is someone we voters can depend on and a hard working honest individual who will do her best to represent those in the constituency who depend on her impartiality in dealing with requests for help. She will campaign against another second independence referendum as Rebecca realises most people want to move on from divisive politics and get on with fulfilling their expectations on pensions and incomes. The Liberal Democrats have a proud history of standing up for peoples rights.

George Drummond,