ENJOYING what you eat is one of life’s pleasures, but when it comes to healthy eating, sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration to get us started.

Every day at Diabetes UK we get questions from people asking for advice from our experts about what they can or can’t eat because they want to manage their diabetes well or live a more healthy lifestyle.

That’s why we’ve launched a new campaign which features people living with diabetes sharing healthier twists on the ‘food you love’ such as fish and chips or apple strudel.

With 3.6 million people in the UK who have been diagnosed with diabetes and 11.9 million people at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, it’s a major health issue. But we hope that the easy recipes and tips will inspire more people to make small changes that can make a big difference to their health and lifestyle.

Get inspired by signing up to view free recipe videos and more at www.diabetes.org.uk/feelgood-food.

Linda McGlynn, regional engagement manager, Diabetes Scotland

I want to write to defend our public services in Dumbarton. I love Dumbarton, and I will fight for its decent services and social justice.

All my life I have lived in Dumbarton, and have never seen things as bad as they are now, and I am 74.

I am now disabled, and I can see the value of the system I paid into all my life.

Only Jeremy Corbyn will stand up for ordinary people in UK.

Opinion polls are irrelevant after Donald Trump. The media say that supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are delusional, but far from this myth of a weak leadership, disabled people believe that Jeremy Corbyn is a man of exceptional decency, integrity and honour. Yes – I have grey hair but I am a Corbyn supporter.

Our logic is that it takes a fantastically strong man to stand up for the weak and the vulnerable.

We think that Jeremy Corbyn is actually displaying an awe-inspiring rectitude, we think that Jeremy Corbyn is actually very noble.

In contrast we point to the parlous jungle capitalism of a feral elite, using everything in their power to destroy Jeremy Corbyn along with their Blairite chums.

We think of the Tories as brutal bullies. Once upon a time, there were some decent Tories, but all that remains seems to be a disgusting detritus.

Please vote Labour at the General Election. Please defend the public services of Dunbarton.

Gabriel Pepper, via e-mail

WITH control of housing policy devolved to Holyrood, voters interested in Scotland’s future housing landscape could be forgiven for taking limited interest in this Thursday’s general election.

However, many areas of policy with a major impact on housing remain reserved to Westminster.

For instance, far-reaching UK Government reforms to welfare policy are having a direct effect on availability, affordability and access in the Scottish housing sector.

CIH Scotland has recently highlighted the negative social impact and spiralling costs of implementing Universal Credit.

These impacts include delayed payments leading to a substantial increase in rent arrears, significant resources committed by social landlords towards supporting tenants with the transition and an increasing reluctance by private landlords to let property to Universal Credit claimants.

Meanwhile, 21,000 younger Scots are facing a potential rent affordability gap of up to £22.6 million from plans to introduce a new lower cap on housing benefit for social housing tenants.

These are policy areas where the actions of a future UK Government will have a real impact on the Scottish housing sector.

Anyone interested in Scotland’s future housing landscape should consider carefully the implications for Scottish housing of this Thursday’s election.

Having done so, make sure you vote!

Annie Mauger, executive director, CIH Scotland

DO you have a family member, friend, or colleague, who is making a contribution towards the conservation or operation of an historic vessel? Would you like their time, work and effort to be rewarded?

Perhaps the person you have in mind is a trustee, or helps as a crew member, trainer, or is very hands on within the workshop.

Maybe he/she has been working to restore and preserve the vessel throughout their lives investing many hours into the project.

If you believe someone you know deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication then nominate them for our Marsh Volunteer Award, an award that will be presented to a volunteer, or group of volunteers, to recognise and thank them for their outstanding work.

This year National Historic Ships UK and the Marsh Christian Trust will present separate Volunteer Awards for an individual volunteer and a group of volunteers, who have made significant contributions to the conservation or operation of historic vessels in the UK.

These Awards are an opportunity to recognise and thank outstanding volunteers.

A Prize of £500 will be given to an individual volunteer, and a Prize of £1000 will be given to a team or group of volunteers.

These Awards are supported by the Marsh Christian Trust and can be spent as the winners choose.

Our new award is for an individual volunteer or a group of volunteers who have made a significant contribution to an historic vessel through engaging the public.

This can be through marketing or promoting the vessel, or through educational programmes that reach a wider audience. A Prize of £500, also supported by the Marsh Christian Trust, can be spent as the winner chooses.

These awards will be presented at our National Historic Ships UK Awards Ceremony, being held in the Autumn.

The closing date for applications is August 31 2017.

Please take a moment to consider who you may be able to put forward for the Award(s) and help us with our outreach by forwarding these details on to your members and those involved with your organisation.

This exciting awards are an opportunity to recognise and thank outstanding volunteers.

For full details, including judging criteria, please visit our website: http://www.nationalhistoricships.org.uk/pages/marsh-volunteer-award.html or please contact me direct.

Camilla Ravani, administrative officer, National Historic Ships UK

I, as a former Paediatrician, find it very disturbing that so many young

people are being ignored by the Scottish Government who have been in charge of Health matters for 10 years.

Figures have come to light that show that research by the Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS) revealed that pupils in the most deprived

areas have worse mental well being than their peers and that children

are waiting over 600 days (almost 2 years ) in some areas including our

own area, for mental health treatment.

Bearing in mind that earlier treatment leads to better outcomes in most instances, this country is failing its youth dramatically in ignoring this vital area.

In the context of startlingly long waiting times and a wide attainment gap,

this situation is only going to get worse without a substantial increase

in investment.

Only the Liberal Democrats have set out a comprehensive and positive plan that will deliver a step change in mental health.

This includes ending the under funding of mental health, new units for

children and more professionals at more locations capable of delivering therapies.

That is the way to give every child a chance of getting on in life.

The constant centralisation of services has lead to the deprivation of

necessary facilities within reach of anxious parents and families who

are desperately seeking treatment.

Jan Chisholm, via e-mail