Last week the Reporter revealed that the final plans for Dumbarton FC's new £14m 'community stadium' near Young's Farm had been filed with Council planners. Here's a quick snapshot of your reaction on our social media pages:

Matt Casey: What's the average attendance at a home game these days? 700-1k out of a 2k seater stadium adding an extra 1k to capacity means there will be an awful lot of empty seats. There won't be many semi professional Scottish football teams with a 3k seater stadium. Then there is the issue of the club not owning the stadium. What happens if the holding company fails? What does the club do without a stadium? The real driver for this move sounds like the land being sold for housing rather than the growth of the football club.

Chris Gemmell: Stupid place to put a stadium. Renton road gets backed up regularly and putting football traffic in that is just stupid. It's nowhere near a train station for fans and let's not forget the fact Renton road gets flooded constantly.

Dee Burnside: Couldn't even read all of that. Absolutely gutted that they have thrown away the youth squads and thrown a load of young boys out on the street. Who knows where some of them will end up now after the club claiming they have no funds to support the boys. The ones who have worn your badge proudly! The future! Your future players! Supporters to sit in your new fancy stadium? I think not! Enjoy your profit.

Craig Grant: Literally lost the plot. Gained a building plot but blinded by short term gain. Mad.

Lesley Gaughan: My poor boy and our family gutted his pro youth team has been scrapped and your spending that on a stadium! You should of been investing in the future of these kids. All they young boys left without a club...shame on you!

Another story featured in last week's issue reported on higher than normal death rates at the Vale of Leven Hospital, with local MSP Jackie Baillie calling for a probe into the 9 per cent higher than normal rate at the hospital. This is what you had to say:

Susan Cameron: The Vale is not the same hospital as it was. The government have made a perfectly good working hospital with A&E and theatres and a 4 ward maternity unit into a run down mess. Yes, the care is second to none, but the resources needed are not there.

Kimberley Manderson: How on earth are you meant to "bring rates into line with the national picture of Scotland"? At what point can you just stop people from dying because that's a new one to me and to the rest of us mere mortals. Jackie Baillie yet again trying to make herself relevant and creating a point out of nothing.

Also, ways to stop making people sick = better education, social work, housing conditions (housing at all), job prospects and local services rather than bedroom tax, forcing people to use foodbanks and live in utter misery in Tory austerity.